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Safe & Reliable Garage Door Spring Repair Near You

Tri-City Garage Doors proudly offers hazard-free garage door spring repair in the Coopersburg, Allentown, and Easton, PA area. Avoid the risks of injury and property damage commonly occurring with DIY spring repairs, and call our professionally trained team to handle it for you. With expert precision and great attention to detail, we will replace your old, worn-out, or broken garage door springs with top-quality spring products to improve your garage door’s functionality instantly. Request service today!

Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Repair

When your garage door malfunctions, it may be difficult to tell what the problem is. Unless you hear the “pop” of a broken spring or see a fallen cable, you might not know what garage door repair service you need. That’s ok! Our Tri-City Garage Doors team specializes in inspecting, identifying, and repairing many garage door issues. We can pinpoint the exact problem and fix it quickly and efficiently! It’s always helpful to know what to look for as a homeowner, though. The following are signs that you might need garage door spring repair. Contact us right away if you notice:

  • Large, 3-4 inch gaps between the spring’s coils
  • Loud grinding or squeaking noises during operation
  • Your garage door will not open or close properly
  • Your garage door starts moving, then reverses direction
  • Your garage door moving at an angle or with jerking motions
  • Your garage door stops moving mid-cycle
  • Your garage door is extremely heavy when lifting manually
  • Your garage door slams shut unexpectedly
garage door spring repair

3 Reasons to Act Fast When You Need Spring Repair

Depending on the extent of the damage to your springs, your garage door may still open and close, even if irregularly. Some people are tempted to ignore these changes in their door’s operation, but postponing garage door spring repair is never a good idea. Acting fast is always the best option! Here’s why:

  1. Avoid additional garage door damage- When a faulty spring isn’t fixed, undue pressure is placed on the garage door opener, cables, and other components, causing them to wear down prematurely. 
  2. Garage door spring repair mitigates safety risks- Rusted, worn, and elongated garage door springs can snap, potentially causing extensive damage to other sections of the door, to vehicles, and to people nearby. Reduce the risk of injury to yourself and your family by scheduling garage door spring repair as soon as you notice an issue.
  3. Prompt spring repair saves money- As previously mentioned, continuing to operate a garage door with faulty springs will inevitably result in more parts needing repair. Save money by staying proactive and contact our team for garage door spring repair in the Pennsylvania Tri-City area today!

Schedule Same-Day Garage Door Spring Repair Today

For unmatched customer service and workmanship, choose Tri-City Garage Doors for all of your garage door spring repair needs. Our friendly and experienced garage door technicians will gladly answer all your questions. Ask us about our maintenance tune-ups to ensure your springs and other garage door parts are properly lubricated and adjusted. Contact us today!

There are two main types of garage door springs: extension springs and torsion springs. Extension springs have a lower cost and last 7-12 years, whereas torsion springs are more durable and last 8-15 years. Consult our team to find out which type of spring best suits your garage door!

It’s possible, yes, but 100% not recommended. Garage door springs are highly dangerous due to the amount of tension they carry. Without the proper training and tools to carry out a spring repair safely, DIY spring repair carries the risk of major injury and/or damage.

We recommend replacing both garage door springs at the same time. If one spring is worn out, the other is not far behind. You’ll save yourself time and money by replacing both springs simultaneously.

  • I called Brian about a repair because my spring had broken. He came out nearly immediately and fixed the issue in like 30 minutes. His price was very reasonable. Absolutely... read more

    John G. Avatar John G.
    November 24, 2022

    Prop and excellent service. Very professional and curtious. Would highly recommend.

    Judith Schwartz Avatar Judith Schwartz
    August 24, 2022

    Very high quality door. the installer was very professional, worked neatly, cleaned up left the area as he found it.You never knew he was was on your property. My husband... read more

    anastasia athanasiou Avatar anastasia athanasiou
    April 24, 2022
  • Fair pricing and Brian was just awesome. Polite, professional and thorough. We are very happy with his work. Awesome job and awesome experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

    Michael Callirgos Avatar Michael Callirgos
    April 24, 2022

    He Came he fit it in ten minutes, wow.

    Byron Halsey Avatar Byron Halsey
    February 24, 2022

    Highly recommend!!! Our door wasn’t working and Brian came to our house within a few hours of calling. He was able to fix it and give us options to replace... read more

    Patricia Scipioni Avatar Patricia Scipioni
    February 24, 2022

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